Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Fastpass+ experience at Magic Kingdom

Today I visited Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and experienced day 2 of the new park-wide Fastpass+ system. This is the inevitable spread of the Fastpass+ system that was introduced with the implementation of the Magic Bands. Magic Kingdom is the first Disney World park that has introduced the system park-wide. The system is now mandatory for any guest that is interested in utilizing Fastpasses in the park. Here is my experience with the new Fastpass+ system using an annual pass on 1/15/14:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to save money on a Disney vacation

It is no secret that a trip to Walt Disney World can get expensive. It's also no secret that it will be one if the most unforgettable vacations that you will take! How do you weigh the price against the benefits of a vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth? You make sure to follow these guidelines to save some serious cash, that's how! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Epcot's World Showcase Christmas Celebration: a photo tour

Epcot is offering guests a unique opportunity this holiday season. They are hosting a "Holidays Around The World" celebration which features a holiday Ambassador from each country to tell guests of the many traditions and the history of their cultures' celebrations! The event will also include food and drink stands playing host to some country's favorite holiday delights! The addition of these things to the already unique World Showcase holiday experience will hopefully encourage more guests to visit this park for the holidays. Here are photos I have gathered from each country of their holiday decorations as well as the additions made for the holiday celebration starting Friday, November 29th! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Epcot's Club Cool: A Review of the New Club Cool Flavors

Club Cool is a place at Epcot to taste Coke products from around the world for free. I never miss the chance to sample these sodas when I am visiting. Recently the soda flavors have changed from their original flavors. Although it was sad to see some of my old favorites go, I couldn’t resist the chance to run out to Epcot and try the new flavors out. I was not disappointed in the new flavors at all. Here is a complete review of the new flavors at Epcot’s Club Cool:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

SeaWorld Orlando: animal feeding opportunities

Did you know that for as low as $17 you can feed four different kinds of animals at SeaWorld Orlando?! One of my favorite things about SeaWorld is that it provides guests with the unique chance to be up-close to many different types of animals. They offer some of the most interactive ways to learn about the animals and the company's conservation efforts. Read up on more information about the animal feeding opportunities at SeaWorld Orlando on my guest post on The Florida Plunge here:

Friday, November 1, 2013

Walt Disney World: Dress your Princess up for LESS on your next DisneyWorld Vacation

Imagine your little princess walking through Walt Disney World resort her head held high and compliments flying at her for her amazing Princess get-up. With these tips and links you will be able to dress your princess up for her visit to the most magical place on earth and it will be at a minimal cost to you! The best thing is that her outfits will be unique and made to fit to her. Another awesome thing about these options is that they will be more comfortable than those hot itchy princess dresses that they sell at the parks. If your princess isn’t interested in going all out with a full on ball gown style dress I will also show you some options that are minimal but still in the spirit of your Disney World trip. Before we start be sure that you check out the bonus frugal tip for your next Disney World trip at the end! You won’t want to miss it!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SeaWorld Orlando: Marine Mammal Keeper Experience

Imagine immersing yourself into the world of the amazing people that care for SeaWorld’s animals each and every day. The Marine Mammal Keeper Experience at SeaWorld Orlando allows you to do just that. Meet a playful beluga, hand feed a manatee, hang out with a few dolphins, and enjoy the company of many animals that guests don’t always get to interact with. Join me on Orlando Informer to recount my amazing journey into the world of SeaWorld’s Animal Care Team during my Marine Mammal Keeper Experience.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Walt Disney World: Unique Quick-Service Restaurants

When visiting the parks at Walt Disney World Resort there are way too many things to do and see during your stay that many people save the sit down meal for dinner-time. For this reason people often look to the Quick-Service restaurants that Disney Parks have to offer for their lunch. Usually these restaurants feature a Burger and fry platter and not much else (besides nuggets for the kids). For this reason eating multiple days at Quick-Service restaurants can become very redundant and boring. Break that boring streak with these unique Quick-Service options:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bonus Post: The Magic of Orlando Found In Vegas!

I left my beautiful Orlando area to visit Vegas. I flew in last night and was out and exploring Vegas at about 11 PM! The first thing I noticed was that Vegas is grand (and shiny) they spare almost no details here. Sound familiar? The attention to detail really gateway-ed me into noticing that some of these sights remind me of things I've seen already at Orlando Theme Parks! 

Top 5 Things To Do on I-Drive In The Evening

Everyone loves traveling to Orlando and visiting the World Class Attractions that we have to offer in this area. Going to the Theme Parks here can be very exciting but it can also throw you into a routine filled with crowds, long lines, and exhaustion. If you are looking for something to break the routine in your Orlando vacation then I-drive might just be the place for you to spend an evening. Join me at Orlando Informer to highlight the Top 5 places to visit for an evening of fun on I-drive!